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Release Details

Author: António Pedro Dores
Published: August/2020
Colection: MAIS ACTUAL
Publisher: RCP Edições

Stock: Available
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 Format: Paper Book
 Pages: 112
 Cover: Capa Mole
 Dimention: 15x23 cm
 Price: €13.78 €6.89

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ANTÓNIO PEDRO DORES is professor of Sociology at ISCTE since 1985 and researcher at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-ISCTE). Is also coordinator of the Master courses in Risk, Trauma and Society and Institutions, Social Justice, Management and Development at ISCTE. He is an active member of the Association Against Exclusion through Development (Associação Contra a Exclusão pelo Desenvolvimento/ACED, http://iscte.pt/~aced/ACED). Recent publications: (editor) Prisões na Europa – um debate que apenas começa e Ciências de Emergência; (co-author with António Alte Pinho) Vozes contra o silêncio – movimentos sociais nas prisões portuguesas; (author) Espírito Proibicionista, Espírito de Submissão and Sociologia da Instabilidade.

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