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Release Details

Author: Rui Verde
Published: October/2021
Colection: MAIS ACTUAL
Publisher: RCP Edições

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 Format: Paper Book
 Pages: 132
 Cover: Capa Mole
 Dimention: 15 x23
 Price: €14.84

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Rui Verde was born in 1966. He holds a doctorate in law (Ph.D.) from the University of Newcastle, England, where he taught.

For many years he was professor of law and university manager in Portugal, Angola and Brazil. He has written several books on philosophy of law, the emergence of the judiciary, Angola and political-judicial issues.

In Angola, he is Legal Advisor to MakaAngola, Angolan entity for the defence of human rights, democracy and against corruption directed by Rafael Marques. Formerly, was one of the founders of the Independent University of Angola, of which he was formally vice president between 2004-2006.

He is now a scholar in England and member of the working group organized in the University of Oxford and the LSE which studies the new normative politics in Africa.

Commentator on African issues for Deutsche Welle and Radio-France International.

International consultant working with North American and British institutions.

Has several books published, among which:

“O Processo 95 385. Como Sócrates e o Poder Político destruíram uma universidade”, Leya, 2011.

“Helicópteros com Dinheiro. Sair do Euro, da Crise e Mudar o Estado” Chiado Editora, 2012.

“Angola e Dinheiro” RCP Edições, 2013 (4 edições).

“Os Juízes: O Novo Poder”, RCP Edições,2015


“Os Três Magníficos. Sócrates, Lula e José Eduardo dos Santos. Vidas e Negócios Paralelos” RCP Edições,2016.

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