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The Three Magnificent

The Three Magnificent

Author: Rui Verde
Published: April/2016
Colection: MAIS ACTUAL
Publisher: RCP Edições

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 Format: Paper Book
 Pages: 132
 Cover: Brochado
 Dimention: 15 x 23 cm
 Price: €10.60

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The three magnificent, which reached the heights of popularity, fell into disgrace because of business interests and tainted by suspicions of corruption, influence peddling, money laundering and tax fraud.

With the political and financial scandals that broke out in Portugal, Brazil and Angola, among which stand out the BES cases, Portugal Telecom, Lava Jato, and Blood Diamonds, Justice began to tighten the siege to the three leaders.

The lifestyle of the three, without justification on declared income, increase the distrust concerning many state decisions, including whether they were taken in relation to their personal, family and supporters interests or national interest.


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Crassus was one of the richest men in Rome, did and undid consuls, and determined the fate of the city for many years, until one day decided to go further, and commanded a Roman army to invade and defeat the eternal enemy, Persia (at that time called Parthia).

Arrogant and convinced of his abilities put the army through the burning sands of the desert, making it march under a scorching sun. With a weary and tired troop, he was surrounded, easily defeated and killed by the Parthians in battle Carras, an ominous episode in the history of Rome.

The Crassus mistake becoming known as a "serious mistake." Instead of getting noticed by their ability, intelligence or affluence, Crassus went down in history as a mistake, a conceited and arrogant, whose failure cost him his life and the thousands of men.

Lula da Silva was President of Brazil between 2003 and 2011, José Sócrates Prime Minister of Portugal from 2005 to 2011 and José Eduardo dos Santos President of Angola since 1979. They will stay in history as blunders, not as magnificent statesmen.

The thesis of this book is simple: the holding of power by these three men created a spontaneous and original political and financial concert that have served to make them multimillionaires, and promote a circle of interests involving large construction companies, banks, telecommunication companies , oil business, and financing of political parties in Brazil and Portugal.

It was a unique moment in the policy of the three countries. However, reflecting the Atlantic triangular tradition, defined historically, after the Portuguese Discoveries.

The prosperity of Portugal was based in Brazil and the wealth of Brazil derived from Angola.

It is this strategic financial dependence, now at a micro and individual level, Socrates, Lula and José Eduardo dos Santos, in my perception and opinion, which is repeated in this age of globalization.

The work of these men, at least from a certain point, it was no heroic deed. On the contrary, it led to a marked destruction of value and people with unspeakable harm to the countries they ruled.

Karl Marx argued that the human role is of little importance in structuring and collective movements of society. In fact, there are these movements, but the human factor, as Graham Greene wrote, is always decisive. And in this case, it is the determining factor of a story of greed, error, cupidity and in the end collective anguish.



Preface 9

Author's Note 13


Introduction 17


I -Atlantic triangle: financial and political complicities 21

II- Parallel Lives 27

1. Questions about the place of birth 28

2. Questioned Degrees 29

3. PT Foundation (Lula) 32

4.  Soviet Man 32

5. Football and TV launch Socrates 35

6. Work up only till the 30s 38

7. Common Procedures 41


III- Fantastic Business 45

8. President and Circle 

9. Lula da Silva and BES 56

10. Socrates and BES: central axis 56

11. Portugal Telecom / Sonae / VIVO/ Oi 59

12. Ongoing: hasty construction of a myth 65

13. Lena Group, Mota & Company, Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez 70

14. Financing everyone 74

15. Odebrecht in Angola 75

IV - Explanatory Tables 79

16. Origin and training 79

17. Work and wealth 80

18. Policy and justice 80

19. Universe Espírito Santo 81

20. Angolan Financing 81

21. Relations and links 82

22. Golden Circle 82


V - Funding of political parties 83

23.  Figo 84

24. MPLA: Party-State company 88


VI- Macau: new Switzerland 91

25. Sam Pa: great friend 94


VII- Politics and Money 97

26. Corruption and moralism 98


VIII The political role of judges 103


IX Conclusions and final words 107


Spell warning. 123


Abbreviations 125


Name index 127



Rui Verde was born in 1966. He holds a doctorate in law (Ph.D.) from the University of Newcastle, England, where he taught.

For many years he was professor of law and university manager in Portugal, Angola and Brazil. He has written several books on philosophy of law, the emergence of the judiciary, Angola and political-judicial issues.

In Angola, he is Legal Advisor to MakaAngola, Angolan entity for the defence of human rights, democracy and against corruption directed by Rafael Marques. Formerly, was one of the founders of the Independent University of Angola, of which he was formally vice president between 2004-2006.

He is now a scholar in England and member of the working group organized in the University of Oxford and the LSE which studies the new normative politics in Africa.

Commentator on African issues for Deutsche Welle and Radio-France International.

International consultant working with North American and British institutions.

Has several books published, among which:

“O Processo 95 385. Como Sócrates e o Poder Político destruíram uma universidade”, Leya, 2011.

“Helicópteros com Dinheiro. Sair do Euro, da Crise e Mudar o Estado” Chiado Editora, 2012.

“Angola e Dinheiro” RCP Edições, 2013 (4 edições).

“Os Juízes: O Novo Poder”, RCP Edições,2015


“Os Três Magníficos. Sócrates, Lula e José Eduardo dos Santos. Vidas e Negócios Paralelos” RCP Edições,2016.

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