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Author: Domingos da Cruz
ISBN: 978-989-8325-62-4
Published: July/2019


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  José Sócrates - The men and the political leader (Biography)

Author: Rui Costa Pinto
ISBN: 978-989-95965-5-9
Published: October/2009


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«All kinds of censorship seem monstrosities to me,
something rather worse than murder.
Any attack on thoughts
is a crime against the soul»


  Gustave Flaubert
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  The Three Magnificent

Author: Rui Verde
ISBN: 978-989-8325-54-9
Published: April/2016


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The three magnificent, which reached the heights of popularity, fell into disgrace because of business interests and tainted by suspicions of corruption, influence peddling, money laundering and tax fraud.

With the political and financial scandals that broke out in Portugal, Brazil and Angola, among which stand out the BES cases, Portugal Telecom, Lava Jato, and Blood Diamonds, Justice began to tighten the siege to the three leaders.

The lifestyle of the three, without justification on declared income, increase the distrust concerning many state decisions, including whether they were taken in relation to their personal, family and supporters interests or national interest.

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Author: Rui Costa Pinto
ISBN: 978-989-95786-0-9
Published: April/2008


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Governments, rulers, opposition, social plagues, the great 21th century debates, lobbies and national and international figures are openly and accurately approached in more than 500 pages of journalistic reviews. More than 50,000 words, written and signed with regularity, over four years from December 2003 to October 2007.

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